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Gulf Shores Fishing: Redfish in the Bay

The bay was smooth and the conditions were near perfect. Knowing the surface-busting redfish had recently been in more of an afternoon pattern, I set out this morning with my friends from Illinios, Andy Rachel and his son Nick, to smash some trout. We started out catching trout on light tackle, when Andy suddenly hooked a monster bull Red. Within minutes, huge schools of redfish were busting the surface all around us. The average size of each fish being around 40 inches and using light tackle made for an even greater challenge. For the next two hours, we landed these monsters with every cast. Many thanks to Andy Rachel, and Nick for an unbelievable experience and for choosing Lost Bay Charters. Don't miss out on the action, book your fishing trip now and come make some memories with the Captains of Lost Bay Charters!

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